Trance Takeover w/ Binary Finary, Dritto, + more

◾ NYC Columbus Day Weekend just got a little bit better ◾

Trance legends Binary Finary land in Brooklyn, NY to take the stage along with this supremely talented line up on October 7th at the Brooklyn Bazaar.

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◾◾◾ LINE-UP ◾◾◾

💠✴♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Binary Finary ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬✴💠
CloudRush Recordings – Rise Recordings
[ Trance, Progressive ]
Despite many trance producers and dj’s moving away from the roots of the trance sound, Binary Finary have always stayed true to the roots of trance, not only for themselves, but for their audience. With their highly euphoric, driving bass lines and classic trance sounds they give the listener an unforgettable experience of raw trance exuberance.The Sydney group, known for their seminal dance hits, are now touring with an even more massive DJ set and with an acclaimed live act. These driven producers are all about setting the bar higher and pushing electronic dance music to the limit with their blend of trance.Binary Finary is one of those rare production groups who stay true to their sounds and respect their musical upbringing, not only for themselves, but also for the audience.

💠♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Dritto ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬💠
Appointed Recordings – Caffeine Music
[ Big Room, Trance, Trap ]
Along with creating bone tingiling energetic tracks that can be found on the likes of ABC, iHeartRadio, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Appointed Recordings, Amazon and many other outlets. DRITTO’s beats will pull you into a black hole of filthy dance music and cosmic-sized drops. Come experience DRITTO, where the energy surpasses that of any star.

✴♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Integrity b2b Nigma ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬✴
[ Psy-Trance]
Integrity has been involved in rave culture as a DJ, event producer, and rave culture advocate for over 15 years. For those unfamiliar with him, his style of DJing is best described as hard and aggressive, yet deep and complex. This combined with the equally talented and fellow veteran DJ Nigmata who in his own right brings the heat to the dance floor giving audiences a look into him expressing his emotions via music.

💠♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ RMT ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬💠
Equus Recordings, Aria Digital , Skyfall Recordings, Glowstam Records, Its Not A label, & many more
[ Trance, Progressive]
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Michael Treanor (professionally known as RMT) was gifted with the ability to master various musical instruments at a very young age. Ultimately, it was his love of the piano that would serve as the gateway to a career in producing songs of his own. RMT’s releases have been showcased on Made2dance, Glowstamrecords, Trancemaster and Amped Artists. His next track entitled IOU is slated for a mid summer 2014 release on Amped Artists.

◾◾◾ VENDORS ◾◾◾



Sunday, October 7th 2018

10:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Brooklyn Bazaar
150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

18 + to Enter
21+ to Drink