Adrenaline w/ LNY TNZ, Rob GEE

πŸ›‘Adrenaline – A hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion 

Join us for an EPIC night with 2 Stages of ENERGY filled music !!

🚦🚦🚦 The HEX – Main Stage πŸš¦πŸš¦πŸš¦

— FVCK GENRES / Barong Family / Spinnin Records / Smash the House / MAD DECENT —
Whether you don’t give a fvck about tomorrow, your trap is going techno, or you’re just a little paranoid, there’s a great reason to get fired up about LNY TNZ.
Inspired by the passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. LNY TNZ started releasing underground bootlegs, remixes and original music, and was quickly noticed in the Dutch music scene, known for a total unique sound combining different styles of music. Even then, LNY TNZ was trying to push the genre boundaries and gained immediate support from leading artists.
LNY TNZ continuously pushes the boundaries of the EDM genre, famously embracing the term FVCK GENRES. His music and stage hostings is proof of this, as LNY TNZ collaborate with rappers, vocalists, and DJs to expand the sounds and reach of his music.

πŸ”Š Rob GEE πŸ”₯
(New Jersey)
Hardcore, Gabber
— GEE thAng Music / BASSCON / Scantraxx / Neophyte Records —
Rob GEE’s eclectic music taste and fuck genres mentality has provided him with the opportunity to collaborate with not only major artists in the hard dance scene such as Partyraiser, Dr Peacock, and the Prophet, but across other genres as well. Rob GEE’s tracks cover a myriad of genres outside of the hard dance scene including, but not limited to, hip-hop, rock, and metal where he has collaborated with members of System of a Down and Slipknot. Rob GEE has shared the stage with everyone from Hatebreed and Biohazard to The Crystal Method & Busta Rhymes.

πŸ”Š Wink – E πŸ”₯
Raw Style
Wink-E has been a pioneer for Hardstyle and Hardcore in NYC since 2010. His ambition to bring harder music to prominence on the international stage is rivaled only by that of his own explosive stage presence. Not only a DJ in the technical aspects of the term, but he is also a performer devoted to the art which fuels him onward. Along the East Coast of the United States, WINK-E is renowned for his charisma, attitude and ability to keep listeners tuned in unmatched by many other DJ’s. 

Big Room, Techno, Trance
— Appointed Records / Wasteland Records / —
Along with creating widely supported tracks DRITTO has played at some of New York City’s biggest & most prestigious venues. Putting on display his ability to use 4 CDJ decks simultaneously. DRITTO’s beats will pull you into a black hole of filthy dance music and cosmic-sized drops. Come experience DRITTO, where the energy surpasses that of any star. He will leave you begging for more Super Nova-like BASS.

πŸ”Š DJ GUY πŸ”₯
Big Room
— Intensity Records / Blasting Records —

πŸ•‹πŸ•‹πŸ•‹ The CELL – Side Stage πŸ•‹πŸ•‹πŸ•‹

πŸ”Š Michael Phase βš‘️
(Staten Island)
— HARD with Style / 2 Dutch / Keeping the Rave Alive / Speed House Movement / Inner Phase Records —
Representing the diverse sounds of New York City. Michael Phase has created quite an impact in the industry in more ways than one. Renowned for dropping electrifying beats during his DJ
performances, it’s no secret that Michael Phase is a natural born artist. From releasing chart topping hits on HARD with STYLE, 2 Dutch, and Keeping The Rave Alive. To co-producing some of the craziest songs/festival openings for music industry titans; Universal Music Group, ASHBA, Q -Dance, and Kingsland Festival

πŸ”ŠShotgun Knights βš‘️
Trap, Jersey Club

πŸ”ŠKaren Von K βš‘️

Happy Hardcore

(Staten Island)

πŸ”ŠContest Winner βš‘️
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πŸ“Έ – Ronnie C Photography

— More TBA

***** Location: *****
The Meadows πŸ“
17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn NY 11206
Age: 21+ Time: 10pm – 4am
Date: Saturday, February 18th 2023

***** Host: *****
Synapse Events βš›οΈ

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