About Us

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Our Approach

Synapse Events gets all of your endorphins pumping with tantalizing productions that leave every person feeling euphorically elevated through audio, visual, textile, olfactory and flavor assorted Art and Music amenities. Our goal aims to leave every single attendee with a heightened sense of enlightenment on their mind, body and soul through providing events that get all of the Synapses in your body firing !

Our Story

Growing up we realized there is more to events then just giving people a great time. Every event we hope to establish a connection with our patrons to help them excel in all aspects of life which is why we bring so many amenities and people together to give a full body, mind and spiritual experience that will impact how you live daily life for years to come and pass down some of the great attributes you have gained to your fellow attendee.

Meet the Team



The initial impulse of Synapse Events comes from a mind that believes there are no limits other then what our mind tells us we can't do. B.A in Psychology, Audio/ Visual/ Lighting Engineer, Fitness & Nutrition guru and progressive forward thinker.



Dreamer, doer, inspirational speaker and nature guru are just some of titles Jonathan is called outside of Metro State University of Denver in which he is currently attending for Business & Event Hosting.